Water Scenes
5 scenes
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Gunge Strip Twister and Threesome Sex with Charlotte Rose
Added 4/9/24    3146 views    explicit    1
Charlotte Rose and I had a game of strip Twister... While Chester Feelix squirted gunge at us! Then... When we'd decided on a winner, we got our own back on him with the rest of the gunge, and all ended up fucking in a big hilarious slippy pile. W...
2 files
Bobbing for Sins--Halloween Special
Added 10/30/23    2602 views    explicit
Welcome to my 2023 Halloween Special! I went bobbing... But instead of water, it was gunge, and instead of apples, it was capsules containing the 7 deadly sins. Each one with a special challenge to complete! The sins... Gluttony: Jam pies to the...
Shiny, Wet and Splashing Masturbation
Added 7/30/23    1840 views    explicit    4
Sometimes, I like to try new things. This was one of those things! I had some powder that turns plain water into slippery shiny lube! So what better way to test it, than to pour it into my pool, and rub my body with it till my skin gleamed... Then...
April the Ice Cream Sundae
Added 7/17/23    4260 views    explicit
A very slippy summer special Wet and Messy video! It was so hot in my pool, all of my water evaporated! So what better way to cool off than rubbing an ice lolly on my pussy then having Chester Feelix cover me in freezing cold ice cream... and syrup...
2 files
Bathtime in Purple Glass Gunge
Added 3/10/23    1417 views    explicit
I had some beautiful purple glass effect gunge spare, so I did what any right minded WAM lover would do, and put it in the bath to play with. My husband was on hand to take some pictures! I did a little experiment to see if I could get different ty...

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