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Bobbing for Sins--Halloween Special
Added 10/30/23    2601 views    explicit
Welcome to my 2023 Halloween Special! I went bobbing... But instead of water, it was gunge, and instead of apples, it was capsules containing the 7 deadly sins. Each one with a special challenge to complete! The sins... Gluttony: Jam pies to the...
April the Ice Cream Sundae
Added 7/17/23    4259 views    explicit
A very slippy summer special Wet and Messy video! It was so hot in my pool, all of my water evaporated! So what better way to cool off than rubbing an ice lolly on my pussy then having Chester Feelix cover me in freezing cold ice cream... and syrup...
My Birthday Cake Treat
Added 5/13/23    4790 views    explicit    2
It's my birthday! I had a lovely cake... I couldn't wait though, and instead of eating it, I sat on it... and rubbed it all over myself... and got fucked by my husband while covered in it... Like a good birthday girl should! I started out in my pin...
Wet and Messy Whipped Cream Deepthroat Blowjob
Added 1/9/23    3784 views    explicit    3
Who knew you could cram so many fetishes into one single video! For 2023 I'm going to be posting a lot of Wet and Messy content to my store. So this is me starting as I mean to go on by giving my husband, Chester Feelix a deepthroat whipped cream b...
Custard, Cock and Cum
Added 1/2/23    5750 views    explicit    2
Custard, cock and cum, the perfect desert combo! It's my brand new wet and messy, sploshing video! This time I got Chester Feelix involved too. The custard was still hot when he poured it on me, so I really enjoyed getting my own back with a full...

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